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Robert Lee

Editor-in-chief's head editor has branched into the advice area. He's prepared to offer opinions and advice for your personal, relationship and lifestyle conundrums. While he is not a professional councilor, Rob has been around the block and does like to share from his vast experiences.

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Increase Your Score Factor
You don’t need to be a player to be an active dating male that women find interesting. You just need to know how to increase your ‘Score Factor’.

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Why Men Are Just Happier People
No wonder men are happier......

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Now That You Mention It
If I had the time, these are the things I'd think about.

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Do Women Really Like Compliments?
1) The idea that women love to be complimented. 2) The idea that women spend all of the time and energy getting ready and fixing themselves up because they want compliments. 3) The difference between complimenting a "special" girl and complimenting just any girl.

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Ten Acts That Make A Guy A Wussy
If you can see yourself in any of these 10 acts of wussiness you just don’t deserve a second/third date.

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Dining Out Alone
One of the biggest stigmas I faced was going to eat in restaurants alone.

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Clothes Shopping Alone
Your style arrives before you do when someone is checking you out. Did you know that?

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Dealing With The Inevitable
How to deal with the question from nosy people about why you’re still single.

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